A dynamic way of shipping to make
your returns easy and cost effective.

Satisfy customers with simple returns.

Free Package Pickup makes it easy for customers to send your products back — so they keep coming back. It also helps you restock and resell faster.

Tracking visibilityGet tracking details on your packages and returns. Plus know where your returns are so you can make inventory and refund decisions.
6 days/week serviceMaximize the time you can process returns and ship exchanges.
Expert shipping adviceOptimize with help from your knowledgeable USPS® representatives.
Free Package PickupSave time and energy by scheduling a Free Package Pickup from your business — and let your customers do the same from home for returns.
Competitive pricingCreate more value with a variety of cost-effective returns services.
97% agree that the way retailers handle returns influences whether they will purchase from that retailer in the future.

Effortless. Contactless. Marvelous.

A customer contacts your business to receive a return label or QR Code through Label Broker®.

QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.

Now, let’s connect and revamp your returns.

We’ll work with you to make a solution that moves your business forward.